The main objective of MEDESS-4MS is to deliver an integrated operational service for oil spill forecasting connected to existing oil spill monitoring platforms (EMSA CSN and REMPEC) for the Mediterranean, using available environmental data from the MCS-Marine Core Service and the downscaled national ocean forecasting systems.

The overall objectives are:

  • To implement an integrated real time multi-model oil spill forecasting system
  • To implement an interconnected network of data repositories that will archive and provide in operational way access to all available environmental and oil spill data;
  • To test the service functionalities with key end-users: REMPEC, EMSA, and national agencies responsible for combating oil spills
  • To develop the integrated system with a unique access web portal with different services and user profiles, multi-model data access and interactive capabilities

Specific Objectives

  • Position MEDESS-4MS as a downstream service that links the multi-purpose MCS in the Mediterranean and the end-users, taking full benefit of the capabilities of the existing national ocean forecasting systems stemming out of the MCS and building on the results of past and ongoing EC projects (MFSTEP, MERSEA, ECOOP, MarCOAST, MyOCEAN) for oil spill predictions.
  • Advance the design of an economic model for the future sustainability of the service to be deployed after the project and to extend the user-base of the downstream service
  • Bring together political and industrial players to enable the maximum and efficient use of earth observation and MCS data in support of European policies, institutional users in the field of oil spill response.
  • Implement and test a new information system network (interconnected network of data repositories) that will archive, catalogue and make accessible the MCS data together with value-added data by the national ocean forecasting systems that downscale to the coasts the marine core service information;
  • Implement and test the information system to be interoperable, harmonized, INSPIRE compliant (composed of discovery, downloading, visualization and transformation components).
  • Implement and test the integrated oil spill multi-model system that will use all the MCS and downscaled ocean data, oil spill monitoring data from existing platforms (EMSA CSN and REMPEC data), as well AIS;
  • Implement and test a Web dedicated User Interfaces for three service scenarios that satisfy all the requirements of EMSA, REMPEC and the generic users.

MEDESS-4MS does not aim at developing new elementary service chains but will built from existing ones; accordingly, a particular effort shall be done to have an integrated multi model approach, both at the technical level and at users level. In MEDESS-4MS all the activities will be carried out in terms of sustainability; consortium and partners expertise, end users and areas of responsibility. The equivalent in concept but not multi-model service exists only for the Baltic Sea.